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azw drm removal tools

Amazon provides rich online electronic books in the market, so that we can easily buy and download various electronic books from it to Kindle for reading.

Azw is a commonly seen ebook format used by Kindle electronic books. When buying e-books, you will use a Kindle account. Usually the downloaded ebook from Amazon is bound together with Amazon account through the DRM system.

If you have bought Kindle ebooks, you also have multiple electronic readers, such as iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kobo or other Android tablets, then you can't read these kindle books on other devices and share them with your friends. This will be an obvious pity, isn't it?

In order to solve this problem, we need a new Azw DRM Removal tool to help us. When made a lot of comparison with some other common AZW Removal softwares, finally, we suggest you use Epubsoft Kindle AZW DRM Removal to solve this matter. Because it is more effective and safer.

How to use azw drm removal?

1. First of all, download and install Epubsoft Kindle AZW DRM Removal.

(download for Windows) (download for Mac)

2. After you downloaded Azw DRM Removal tool, open it, and click “Add” button to select the ebook files which need to be converted. You can add more than 50 files at one time.

3. Click the “Start” button to start converting. The whole of the process is very simple. Just wait a moment. After the operation is successful, click “Open” button and you will see the new ebooks that does not include AZW DRM.

4. Now, you can copy or send the ebook to other e-reader device, or share them with your friends. You can also use Calibre to manage them.

Epubsoft Kindle AZW DRM Removal can also help you remove drm from MOBI, PRC ebook file format.

If you want to read Kindle books on other devices that does not support AZW file format, you can also try Epubsoft Ebook Converter . It's one of the best converter tools for you. Because it supports the azw drm, epub drm and other drm formats. And it can convert pdf to epub, epub to pdf, azw to epub, etc. Yes, it's all in one.

About azw drm removal

AZW DRM protection will prevent other account from reading, these AZW formatted drm ebooks can also limit us reading them in other equipments at the same time. Therefore, only when users bought books from Amazon in same account, they are allowed to read these ebooks. If you use another Kindle account to open these books, you will not own the permission to open the AZW books, and the following error message will display:

“The book could not be opened. Please remove the book from your device and redownload it.”

In order to convert electronic books smoothly and remove Azw DRM protection, we need test on the books and check if they can be normally read on the computer. If your Kindle books are copied from Kindle Fire or other electronic equipments, you need to redownload this ebook from Kindle for PC/Kindle for Mac. Then open the ebooks to see whether they are effective for reading, if it can achieve that, then you can undertake a smooth conversion.

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