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Calibre DRM Removal Plugin, Calibre Remove DRM from EPUB Kindle

Calibre is an excellent ebook library software, which helps you to manage and archive all your EPUB/PDF/Kindle books. Except for managing ebooks, Calibre comes with Ebook Reader so that you can read your ebooks on computer directly without installing additional software.

DRM Removal For Windows  DRM Removal For Mac

However, sometimes you find some ebooks can't be read or converted (such as below error message) after adding them to Calibre. This article will tell you how to solve this problem with the easiest method.

Part 1. Remove DRM from ebooks with Calibre DRM Removal.

Calibre DRM Removal is a plugin which is embedded in Calibre. When you add Ebook, it runs automatically and converts your ebooks. Currently it supports Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF, Kindle books.

First, click here to download this component. After you download it successfully, double click the downloaded zip file to decompress it.

How to remove DRM from ebooks with Calibre DRM Removal?

1. Run Calibre and click "Preferences" button on the top right corner of Calibre. Calibre will popup a new dialog box.

2. You will find "Plugins" button in the lower left corner and then click it. A new dialog box will popup.

3. You can click "Load plugin from file" button in the lower right corner, then select the save location (it should be the same with the one you set in the first step) and click "OK".

4. When you have finished all the above operation, Calibre will prompt the setting is successful. This plugin runs automatically and has no interface, therefore, you won't find new button in Calibre.

5. Now back to the main interface of Calibre and click "Add" on the top left corner to select your ebook. When Calibre add the ebooks to Library, it will convert this ebook automatically. Then you can read the ebooks via EBook Reader of Calibre or convert it to other ebook formats.

Part 2. Remove DRM from ebooks with EBook DRM Remover.

Calibre DRM Removal might not apply to all Windows/Mac operation system or Calibre version. If you are not familiar with Calibre DRM Removal, you can also try to use below tool.

EPubsoft DRM Remover is an independent application which helps you convert various common ebooks quickly, eg EPUB, PDF, Nook, Kindle books. It also supports Window and Mac OS X. After the version is continuously updated, even the latest Ebook version can be converted successfully.

How to remove DRM from EPUB/PDF/Kindle ebooks?

1. First,download and install EPubsoft DRM Remover.

DRM Removal For Windows  DRM Removal For Mac

2. Run EBook DRM Remover. Click "Add" to select the Ebook file you want to convert.

3. Click "Start" to convert.

4. After the file is converted, click "Open" button to view the output folder (where the converted ebooks are saved).

Note to different Ebooks:

1. If you find some ebooks can't be converted, it might be the version of Calibre DRM Removal is too low. To solve this problem, you can update the version or click here to download the latest program version.

2. For Adobe EPUB/PDF books, if some files can't be converted, you can install Adobe Digital Editions (recommend installing Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 or 2.0) on current computer and download your ebook again via Adobe Digital Editions. Because some files might be partly damaged, download the ebooks again can solve this problem which is caused by the damage of files.

3. For Kindle Books, if they are lent to you by your friends, they might not be converted. In other words, only the ebooks have no limitation of reading time can be converted. If some ebooks or the ebooks from Kinde device can't be converted, you can download the ebooks again via Kindle for PC/Mac, then convert it.

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