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Calibre epub azw drm removal plugin tools

Calibre is an open source software which provides free ebook management. It can help us manage ebook, ebook conversion, and synchronize ebook to our readers.

In fact the most of the ebooks we buy contain the DRM. Calibre is unable to load and read the DRM added ebooks, that is to say at least two-thirds of the electronic books can't be managed by Calibre. At present there is also no other a better and free ebook management software on the market. So we need some calibre drm tools (like calibre drm plugin,calibre drm removal, calibre drm remover). However, we have found two tools to help you solve the problem.

1. Use DRM ebook converter software directly

Calibre does not support reading and converting ebooks that contain drm. If you want to read your ebooks (Kindle Azw, Adobe Digital Editions EPUB and Nook EPUB) on other electronic readers (like Android, Nexus 7, iPad, Sony eReader, Kobo), or can be under the management of Calibre, you need to remove DRM protection firstly.

The Epubsoft Ebook Converter can help you remove EPUB, AZW, Mobi DRM limitation directly, then you can make your book managed into Calibre, or read them on more electronic readers at the same time without any conditions. Epubsoft Ebook Converter supports Adobe Digital Editions, Amazon Kindle and barnesandnoble Nook, and it can also undertake Ebook converting. Through it, You can convert EPUB format to AZW, or EPUB to TXT. And it is able to support conversion of more than 50 ebook file disposably. Of course it has a very simple using method, we have prepared a picture to illustrate how to implement removing drm and converting ebooks through these three simple steps. You can also use Epubsoft Ebook Convert to replace calibre drm removal tools.

2. One plugin which can remove DRM protection in Calibre

If you just install the Calibre and do not install any calibre drm plugin, then when you read DRM protected ebooks directly, you will meet the error message. In order to solve this problem, we found one Calibre drm plugin that can help you to remove drm protection in Calibre directly. It supports two operating systems: Windows as well as Mac OS X. At present, the supported formats are: PDB, EPUB, PDF, AZW, Mobi, etc.

How to remove DRM from Kindle Azw,Mobi,Prc ?

  1. If you haven’t installed Calibre, you can get the newest version downloaded here.
  2. Download DRM Plugin File (Called K4MobiDeDRM_v03.5_plugin.zip).
  3. Open the Calibre, when the interface has been loaded, click on the position that the red button shows, then click on the "Preferences" button, "Advanced" button. Then in the new popup dialog box, click on "Load plugin from file" button, and select a storing location after plug-in has been downloaded.
  4. Finally click Apply button, you can complete sets.

Other ways to remove the protection of DRM

Certainly you can use other ways to remove drm restriction. You can try the best Epubsoft Adobe DRM Removal, because it provides better compatibility than other tools.

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