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Download and read kindle books on Nexus 7

nexus 7Kindle Store is a large ebook market providing abundant ebook resources. Suppose: you do not want to buy a Kindle or some devices like it, but you have a smart phone based on the Nexus 7 system, then how can you download or read Kindle books on Nexus 7?

Google Nexus 7 offers the built-in ebook reader, supports EPUB format and is only able to read books bought from Google Play. So if you need to read Kindle books on Nexus 7, then first thing is to convert the Kindle books to the Epub format which is supported by most of the readers. And use another e-reader which supports positions out of Google Play.

Step 1. Convert Kindle books To EPUB.

In order to finish converting task with the fastest speed, we use Epubsoft Ebook Converter. It supports the main formats currently and helps us convert Kindle books to EPUB format easily. It will be convenient for us to read the books on Nexus 7.

Also, in the conversion period, the books will be kept with the best quality. After books have been converted to EPUB, you can use them not only on Nexus 7 and Android but also other electronic devices.

1. If you downloaded your Kindle books from Kindle Fire/ Kindle Paperwhite directly, you need to install Kindle for PC/ Kindle for Mac and re-download the books in them.

2. Use Kindle for PC in your computer to open your Kindle books and check if they can be read normally.

3. Download and install Epubsoft Ebook Converter.

Ebook Converter for Windows   Ebook Converter for Mac

4. Run Epubsoft Ebook Converter, click “Add” button to select your Kindle books which need to be converted.

5. Set the output format as EPUB in the left panel. Then click “Start” button to convert.

6. Just wait for a moment. When the software prompts you that the task has been done, click “Open” button, you can find the new created  EPUB ebooks.

7. Now you can use a USB or other software to copy the EPUB books to your Nexus 7 phones to read. (Don’t know how to transfer? Click here)

Step 2. Read EPUB books on Nexus 7.

Nexus 7 has its own built-in ebook reader though, it doesn’t support ebooks from other sites except for Google Play. So you need a professional third-party reader to read ebooks converted from Kindle to EPUB.

We use a free Android reader to make it available to read books copied from computers on Nexus 7 here.

The Aldiko Book Reader will work on any device running on the Android operating system version 2.2 or above and using ARM processor, including Android Smartphones, Android tablets and others.

1. Download and install Aldiko e-reader for Android.


2. Run Aldiko,Click “File” menu, Then choose the EPUB books you are going to read in the new dialog.

3. You can turn pages by sliding around.

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