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DRM Removal Download for Amazon Kindle AZW/AZW3/AZW4 books

When you purchase ebooks from Amazon, Amazon will provide AZW/AZW3/AZW4 ebook files to you. Because this ebook includes DRM, you can't read your ebooks on other Kindle device or iPhone/iPad. Several methods are listed below to help you solve this problem quickly.

Method 1: Download Kindle Books to your computer.

Some preparation is needed before using this tool. First, download all these ebooks you want to convert from Kindle for PC/Mac to your current computer. If you haven't downloaded Kindle for PC/Mac, please click here to download and install.

(download for Windows here)   (download for Mac here)

When you have installed Kindle for PC/Mac, you need to run Kindle for PC/Mac and input your Amazon ID to activate the current computer. After your computer is activated successfully, you will find all your Kindle Books in the main interface of Kindle.

Then double click the Kindle Book you want to convert, at this time, Kindle for PC/Mac will download this ebook to your computer automatically. When the download of files is finished, we can do the next step.

If the ebook still can't be converted in the following steps, it might be damaged during transmission, you can try to download this ebook again.


Method 2: Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle AZW books with Kindle DRM Removal.

1. Download and install Kindle DRM Removal.

DRM Removal For Windows  DRM Removal For Mac

2. Start the program. Click "Add" button on the top left conner to select the files you want to convert. Generally, Kindle Books downloaded by Kindle for PC/Mac automatically are saved in the folder "My Kindle Documents". If you want to change the storage location of Kindle Books, you can select the new one during this step.

3. You can add several ebooks which need to be converted simultaneously. After all the files are added, click  “Start” button to convert.

4. Click "Open" button to find these new Kindle Books when all the files are converted successfully. Now you can read the Kindle Books you purchased on other E-reader (such as iPad, iPhone, Sony e-Reader).

5. If you have some other smart devices and want to read ebook on these devices, however, they don't support Kindle Books. You can convert Kindle Books to more widely-used ebook format, such as EPUB or PDF. Except Kindle e-reader, most e-reader devices or app support EPUB files well.

If you want to read Kindle Books on other non-eReader device, you can convert this Kindle book to PDF. When you want to convert ebooks, it will be a good choice to use this tool which supports almost all common ebook format(EPUB to PDF, Kindle to PDF, MOBI to EPUB, etc).

(download for Windows)   (download for Mac)


Method 3: Remove Kindle DRM from Kindle books with Calibre Plugin

If you have installed Calibre and expect to use Calibre to manage your ebook library. You can refer to this method. Calibre supports both Windows and Mac OS X, but this plugin might not be run on Calibre 64 bit version. Calibre Plugins also supports to remove remove DRM  from PDB, EPUB,PDF,Kindle, etc.

How to remove DRM from Kindle books:

If you haven't downloaded Calibre, click here to download.

Download this plugin. Because it relies on other components, when you download this plugin, you need to download and install Python 2.6 and pyCtypto as well.

Load these two components in Calibre. After opening Calibre, you need to click the top right corner region, and select "Advanced"-"Plugins" button.

Then click "Load Plugin from file" on the bottom right corner in the new opened dialog box and select Calibre Plugin which you download just now. In the end, click "OK" button to finish all the setting.

If all the settings are successful, below position will display the installed Calibre Plugin. This is an automatic running plugin. After you add the ebooks to Calibre, it will run automatically and convert all the ebooks.

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