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EBook DRM Removal Mac and Windows Download

EBook DRM Removal for Mac/Windows is a simple and easy-to-use ebook DRM Remover tool, which helps you to convert all common ebooks quickly. It supports removing DRM from EPUB/PDF and removing DRM from Kindle, and works on both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you want to read your ebooks on more devices(such as iPad,iPhone, nook, etc), this software will help you to solve this problem. Currently, it supports all common ebook formats, eg Adobe books, Adobe EPUB, Adobe PDF, Kindle books, and has integrated all the functions on the same software. Therefore, you can convert all your ebooks without installing additional software.

Download For Windows  Download For Mac

Convert Adobe EPUB/PDF books: You can convert all the Adobe EPUB/PDF books easily in this software. If you want to read your Adobe Digital Editions books on other devices, only clicking the mouse, you will finish the conversion of files.

Convert Kindle AZW/AZW3/AZW4 books: Kindle books have different formats and there is minor detail difference in different formats. Now it supports all Kindle books format, recognizes different Kindle books types and can convert them automatically. After conversion, no matter the file is AZW/AZW3 or AZW4, it will be in best conversion quality and have no difference in displaying effect.

Convert Nook Books: If you want to convert your Nook EPUB books or Nook PDB boos, this tool supports all these formats. Nook book is an ebook format which is different from Adobe EPUB books. They have differences in displaying effect and the devices they support. This tool supports converting Adobe books as well as nook books.

Easy to use: No matter the operation system is Windows OS or Mac OS, this tool can convert all your ebooks accurately. When you want to convert ebook, by clicking "Scan" button, it will find all the available ebooks on you computer. You can also drag your ebooks from the file folder to this software, then it will organize all the files which need to be converted automatically. After you finish adding files and click "Start" button, it will start to convert your ebook.

How to Remove DRM from EPUB/PDF ebooks?

When you want to convert Adobe EPUB/PDF books, this tool will help you to convert files quickly and create a new ebook which doesn't contain DRM.

1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.

2. Generally, the ebook you download is EPUB. If your file is ACSM format, by double clicking ACSM files, Adobe will connect to Adobe server automatically, then download EPUB or PDF ebooks to your computer.

3. Enter Adobe Digital Editions, then you will find all your ebooks in the main interface and double click the ebook you want to convert. If you can open the file normally (no error prompt), it shows that this ebook can be converted successfully. If there is an error, please download this ebook from Adobe Digital Editions again.

4. Run Ebook DRM Removal. By click "Scan" button, this ebook will be displayed in the new pop-up dialog box, and you can also drag this file to the software directly. After you have added the file and click "Start" button, it will start to convert all the files.

5. After all the files are converted, you can find the converted ebooks by click "Open" button.

How to Remove DRM from Kindle ebooks?

No matter your Kindle books is AZW/AZW3 or AZW4, this tool will help you convert it quickly.

1. Download and install Kindle for PC/Mac. If the Kindle you installed is old version, you need to uninstall it first, and delete the old Kindle books from Kindle folder, then install the new version. If you cover the old version directly, some ebooks might not be converted.

2. Run Kindle for PC/Mac. In the interface of Kindle, you will find all your Kindle Books. By clicking the related ebook cover, Kindle will connect to Kindle server automatically and download this ebook to your computer.

3. After the ebook is downloaded to your computer via Kindle for PC/Mac, you can run Ebook DRM Removal and click "Add" button, then select the ebook you download, it is usually saved in below position.

4. After adding all the files you want to convert, you can click "Start" button to convert Kindle books.

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