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EPUB to Kindle Converter

EPUB to Kindle Converter can help you easily to convert EPUB to Kindle Books. If you have many EPUB ebooks, this tool will help you to convert common EPUB ebook to MOBI ebook easily which is supported by Kindle. Since the file structure of EPUB is incompatible with Kindle Books', Kindle can't recognize the ebook file of EPUB. You will solve this problem easily after converting EPUB to Kindle. Ordinary EPUB files (like magazine, cartoon, newspaper etc) also can be made to Kindle Books through this tool, then it will be convenient for you to read them on various Kindle Device. (Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, Kindle DX, etc)

Platform: WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 / Win10 / or later
Version: 8.6.9 

  1. Easily convert EPUB to Kindle books
  2. Support EPUB to MOBI and EPUB to AZW.
  3. Support batch handling. Lots of EPUB ebooks can be converted easily at the same time.
  4. Best conversion quality and conversion speed. The displaying effect of the ebooks after conversion will keep the same with the original ebooks.
  5. Recognize all the elements of the EPUB, such as HTML, CSS, PNG, GIF, XML as well as layout.

With the EPUB to kindle Converter, you will read EPUB ebooks on Kindle with ease. When reading the converted ebooks on Kindle Device, you will get the same displaying effect and typographic layout with reading on other device.

EPUB to Kindle is also convenient to use, because all kinds of parameters setting has been built in the Converter, you will get the best conversion effect without setting additional options. After the files have been converted, you can get the new Kindle books by clicking the button.

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  • epub to kindle converter

1. First, download and install the software.

2. Find the saving folder of your ebooks, they are usually saved under below folder.

  • Kindle Books:  "My Documents\\My Kindle Content"
  • Sony Books:  "My Documents\My Digital Editions"
  • Kobo Books:  "My Documents\My Digital Editions"

3. Click “Add” button to add the EPUB Books which need to be converted. You can select multiple files simultaneously in the dialog box.

4. Set the output file format as MOBI.

5. Click “Start” button to convert the file.

6. Send the files to Kindle Device to read via USB or WIFI after they are converted successfully.