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EPubsoft ToolBox

EPubsoft Toolbox is a one stop solution tool for ebooks, which helps you to remove DRM from ebooks and convert your ebooks to other formats quickly. It supports Adobe Digital Editions, Kindle Books, Nook Books, Sony books, etc . When you want to remove DRM from ebook, this software will create an ebook file without DRM. When you want to read ebook on other E-readers, you can also convert the ebook to other formats through this software.

Platform: Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10 / or later
Version: 15.2.2 

EPubsoft Toolbox is a one stop solution tool for ebooks, which helps you to remove DRM from ebooks and convert your ebooks to other formats quickly.

1. Remove DRM from common ebooks.adobe digital editions(ADE)
It supports Adobe Digital Editions EPUB/PDF, Kindle Books ( AZW / AZW3 / AZW4 / KFX / MOBI / PRC / TPZ ), Nook Books, Sony, Kobo, Google eBooks, etc. It also supports the ebook types listed below: OverDrive eBooks. Sony Library eBooks. Google Books. Kobo Books. This tool does not support iBooks DRM.
2. Easy-to-Use.
It is the easiest-to-use software and almost contains all kinds of tools for reading ebooks. After having this software,you don't need to install different software for different ebook format. All the work (DRM Removal and Ebook conversion) can be finished in only one interface. When you have many ebooks need to be converted, this software also supports batch handling. This function saves much of your time by converting all the ebooks simultaneously.
3. Convert EPUB to PDF.
It supports to convert common EPUB ebooks (including Adobe EPUB, Nook Books) to PDF. The converted PDF files are compatible with all kinds of PDF Reader version, and can be read almost on all software or devices which supports PDF.
adobe digital editions(ADE)4. Convert EPUB to Kindle.
Convert EPUB to MOBI file which supports by Kindle easily. The converted EPUB files can be read on Kindle e-Reader. Compared with PDF file, when the EPUB files are converted to Kindle Books, Kindle Books can be supported by Kindle well and get better displaying effect.
5. Convert Kindle to PDF.
Convert Kindle books to PDF conveniently. Because the device or software which supports Kindle books is few, after you convert Kindle Books to PDF, they will be read on more devices. It is also convenient for you to backup your ebooks after they are converted to PDF.
6. Convert other common ebooks conveniently.
Except converting the ebooks listed above, you can also convert PDF to Kindle books or convert Kindle boooks to EPUB. It's all in one. Without installing any other software, you can convert all the common ebook formats to other formats.

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1. Download and install  EPubsoft ToolBox.

2. Run ToolBox and click "Add" button to select the ebooks you want to convert. You can also drag the Ebook directly from other folder to the main interface of this software. Then this software will add the file automatically. If it is a folder, the software will recognise all the files of the folder by itself. If you want to convert several ebooks at the same time, you can add all of them once.

3. Select the output format in Output panel. If you only wish to remove DRM from ebook, there is no need to set anything in this step. If you want to convert EPUB or Kindle Books to PDF, click "PDF" in the panel.

4. Click "Convert" button to convert. The time for conversion is very short. If there is something wrong during conversion, the software will pop up wizard automatically to guide you for the next operation.

5. Click "Open" button to open the folder where the converted ebooks are saved.

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