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How to convert EPUB to PDF/Kindle/Azw for free

EPUB is one of the most popular ebook formats at present, and it is widely supported by various E-reader equipment, eg:iPad, iPhone ,Sony eReader, Kono etc. Except EPUB, other main stream formats also exist, such as PDF, AZW.

If you wish to read ebooks on Kindle or Kindle Fire, the best way is to convert ebooks from EPUB to PDF or from EPUB to Kindle AZW. Here are two easiest ways collected to help you solve this problem.

Convert EPUB to PDF/Kindle/AZW for free

If your ebooks don´t include DRM, then you can convert ebooks from EPUB to PDF or AZW easily through this tool without charging additional fee. In addition, Calibre also can convert other formats on condition that no DRM is included.

1. First, click here to download Calibre. Due to the file is a little big, you need to wait several minutes longer.

Click to download Calibre

2. After finishing download, click “Add books” button to choose the ebooks which need to be converted.

3. Then click “Convert Books” button to enter the interface of setting where you can set the details of the transformation parameters, such as the title of new converted ebook, cover and other details.

4. When all the settings are finished, click “OK” button to start converting.

Attention: DRM can´t be included in the files which need to be converted. If you want to convert DRM ebooks, click here to switch to the second step.

5. After all ebooks are converted, click the right mouse button in the file and click “Open” menu, then you will find the new ebooks.

Convert EPUB to PDF/Kindle/Azw with ease

Epubsoft Converter provides a simple and easy-to-use way to convert ebooks from EPUB to PDF. You can convert many ebooks with only few steps.

1. Download and install Epubsoft Converter.

(download for Windows) (download for Mac)

2. Run Epubsoft Converter, click “Add” button to select your ebook files which need to be converted.

3. Click “Start” button to start converting.

4. Click “Open” button to check the new ebooks after conversion, you may also copy these ebooks to other E-readers, then read.

convert epub to kindle

Epubsoft Converter also supports the conversion of other formats which are popular presently, eg: PDF to EPUB, Kindle to EPUB, EPUB to MOBI, etc.

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