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How to convert Kindle AZW to EPUB/TXT/PDF format ?

Kindle's files format (.azw) can only be read on the Kindle. If you want to read Kinde .azw ebook on other e-readers, you must convert .azw format to another format other e-readers can identify, such as EPUB/TXT/PDF. This article will show you how to conduct e-book's format conversion.

This article uses an open source software -- Calibre. Calibre can be used for eBook management, conversion and synchronization.

1. First, download and install Calibre.
(download here)

2. Open Calibre, click the “Add Books” button on the top of the window and select the file to be converted in the pop-up dialog box, which supports multiple files at the same time. Then click "Open" button, the file will be added into Calibre.

3. Select ebook files that need to be converted in the main window and click "Convert Books" button on the top of the window.

4. In the new pop-up dialog box, set "Output Format" option to “EPUB” on the upper right corner. If you want to change the e-book title , cover image, profile or other information, you can directly modify them in this dialog box.

5. Finally, click "OK" button. Calibre will start to convert your files.

Note: If the e-book files contains DRM, then Calibre will prompt an error. Because e-books with DRM can not be converted. If you want to resolve this issue, use the following software:
(Kindle DRM Removal for Windows) (Kindle DRM Removal for Mac)

Now, you can send the converted e-book to other reading devices using Calibre and read them at any where.

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