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How to convert mobi to epub free

I prefer using Kindle books, because Kindle supports Windows, Mac, and iPad. And Amazon Kindle book stores provide better and cheaper price than others.

Recently I have bought a new ebook from ebook online store, but the ebook vendor only provides Mobi file format, so  I cannot read this ebook on other e-Readers. Because some e-Readers do not support mobi, but epub format.  So I need to convert mobi to epub format.

I tried to look for other solutions, like searching this book from other online sellers and websites. But it’s not an easy way, there are so many websites, and I spend a lot of time searching it. At last, I found some methods to resolve this problem. Here are two methods that can help you convert mobi to epub with ease.

Method 1: Convert mobi to epub with Calibre freely

Calibre is a good software which can help you manage your ebooks and convert ebooks from/to other ebook type and format.

Please note: Calibre only supports drm-free ebooks, if your ebook is not drm-free, refer to method 2.

1. If you have not installed Calibre, click this link to download and install it.

2. Click the program icon to start up it. If it is the first time you use it, it will display a wizard dialog, and you can set your preference here.

3. After the program was loaded, use the “Add books” button to select the ebook which needs to be converted on your computer.

4. After this ebook display in software list, click “Convert books” button.

5. You can set a lot of options on the configuration dialog. At last, click “OK” button to start converting.

6. You could see a label on the right bottom area, it displays the ebook conversion progress. If all of your ebooks have been converted, the Job Counter returns to zero.

7. Right click the book, and select "Open containing folder" to view the new ebooks. They’re epub format.

Method 2: Convert mobi to epub with Epubsoft Ebook Converter

Epubsoft Ebook Converter is the first tool supporting drm ebooks. You can easily convert your mobi, azw and other kindle books to epub no matter they are drm free or drmed.

1. First, click here to download it.

2. Start the program, and click “Add ebooks” to add your ebooks to the conversion list.

3. Choosing output type on the left panel. It supports EPUB/PDF, AZW and other ebook formats.

4. Click “Start Now” to start converting mobi to epub.

5. Wait a moment, and click the “Open” button, you will find your new ebook.

When you succeeded in converting mobi to epub, you are able to read them on more e-readers and use them in more software.

More about Mobi format

.MOBI file extension is an ebook file format that developed by Mobipocket. Mobipocket.com was bought by Amazon.com in 2005. A user can thus create documents in the Mobipocket-format .mobi and .PRC and use personal comments, bookmarks and so on on all devices supporting those features.

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