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How to convert MOBI to PDF

Have a ton of MOBI books on your computer and want to convert them to PDF file format? PDF is a more compatible file format supported by more devices. If you tend to read MOBI books on other readers you need to convert MOBI to PDF.

Follow this tutorial below, you can easily convert MOBI to pdf format. Then you can read your MOBI books on more devices, like iPad, iPhone, PSP, etc.

Epubsoft ebook converter is one of the best tools to help you convert MOBI to pdf file. It’s very easy to use and based on a clear interface. You just need several steps, all of MOBI book files will be converted.

How to convert mobi to pdf

1. Download and install Epubsoft ebook converter to your computer. After you downloaded it, double click the exe file to start installing. Just follow the screen wizard to install this software. After installation, An icon will display on the computer desktop. Double-click the icon, you can run the program.

Ebook Converter for Windows Ebook Converter for Mac

2. After the program runs, click ”Add ebooks” button from the top region to select and input your MOBI book files. You can also drag and drop your MOBI books into this software, then the software will add all the file into the list automatically.

3. You can also adjust the output folder of your file after you add them. Only need to click ”Browse…” button on the lower right corner you can achieve it.

4. When all the files have been added, click “To PDF” button to set the output format as PDF. Epubsoft Ebook converter also supports other conversion types, you can convert MOBI to EPUB, AZW or TXT.

5. Last, click on ”Convert Now” to start converting. Please wait a few minutes. When the converter reminds you that the conversion has been finished, you can click "Open" button to view the new created PDF format ebooks.

mobi to pdf

In the conversion process, the Epubsoft Ebook converter can hold more than 100 files in order to save your time. On the other hand, it also supports converting PDF To EPUB, EPUB to PDF, EPUB to AZW, MOBI to PDF, EPUB to MOBI.


MOBI: Digital eBook file saved in the Mobipocket "MOBI" format; may use DRM copyright protection to prevent unauthorized copying or viewing of the eBook; can be opened on a PC using Mobipocket Reader Desktop; can also be viewed on a smartphone, PDA, or the Amazon Kindle.

PDF: Cross-platform document created by Adobe Acrobat or a program with the Acrobat plug-in; commonly used for e-mail attachments or for saving publications in a standard format for viewing on multiple computers; usually created from another document instead of scratch; can be edited with Adobe Acrobat, a commercial program.

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