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How to copy or backup kindle books ?

Perhaps you have purchased many books from Amazon and you can't backup or copy them to other devices in most cases, because of the DRM. If your ebooks don't have any DRM restriction, you can easily backup kindle book to local computers or other devices only need to click the mouse. But if books have DRM, you need to firstly remove this kind of protection to backup or copy them.

This tutorial will show you how to remove Kindle ebooks protection. Then you can copy and backup Kindle ebooks to any devices as you like.

1. Install and run Epubsoft Kindle DRM Removal to remove drm protection from kindle books. It is very easy to use, after you open the program, just select the .azw file and click the Start button. All files will be decrypted in seconds.

(download for Windows) (download for Mac)

2. Now you can copy your Kindle books (.azw format) to any other location or device. Also, you can read Kindle ebooks on other e-readers and backup to DVD.

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