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How to print from Kindle Fire

As Amazon constantly improves Kindle Fire's hardware and provides more contents, Kindle Fire is more and more widely used in our life. New Kindle Fire is based on smart Android operation system and provides large software content.

If you have some documents on Kindle Fire, maybe you need to print these files. The content listed below shows the easiest way to help you print from Kindle Fire.

Print Kindle Fire documents

EasyPrint is a free print software for Android system which helps you to print all kinds of files of Kindle Fire quickly.

EasyPrint works over Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud Print can connect to to any existing printer on Windows or Mac with Internet access that uses the Google Cloud Print connector within the Google Chrome browser.

It is easy for you to find this software. Open Kindle Fire first, click "Apps"-"Store" menu, enter Kindle Store, then input "EasyPrint" at the top searching box, you will find the software. After clicking the icon, select "Free"-"Get App" button, it will install automatically. The content on the right picture will appear by opening this software.

If it is the first time to run the software, you need to input your Google Account and sign in first, click "Printers" to set the parameters of the Printer, then click "Print document" to choose the files need to be printed. It supports to select multiple files simultaneously. After you finish setting, click "Print" button, it will begin printing.

Google cloud Print is a print technology based on Cloud. While you have selected the file, actually the software will post it to cloud Server, then Cloud Server will send it to the corresponding print equipment to print.

Print Kindle books

print kindle fileIf you want to print Kindle books which are saved on Kindle Fire, you will get a way to do it by reading the following text.

Most E-books saved on Kindle Fire doesn't support print. If you want to print Kindle books, you need to convert Kindle books to PDF or EPUB format file which is easy to recognize and print, then you can print them conveniently.

Ebook to EPUB PDF AZW Converter helps you to convert Kindle books to easy-to-print PDF format e-books, such as AZW to PDF AZW3 to PDF, AZW4 to PDF, MOBI to PDF, PRC to PDF.

1. Firstly, download the e-book files needed to convert via Kindle for PC/ Kindle for Mac on your computer. Attention,if you copy the e-books from Kindle Fire directly, maybe they can't be converted.

2. download and Install Ebook to EPUB PDF AZW Converter.

Kindle Converter for Windows   Kindle Converter for Mac

3. Run Ebook to EPUB PDF AZW Converter, click Add button to select your kindle books.

4. choose the output file's format as PDF

5. click start button to convert. Only waiting for a few minutes, you can click "Open" button to find the new PDF files.

After the Kindle books are converted to PDF, you can print Kindle books easily by Adobe Reader or other software.

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