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How to read eBooks on Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 is an intelligent tablet that is based on the Google Android operating system. Nexus 7 is more advanced when compared to other tablets.

However, when we are trying to read books on Nexus 7, we will find that it cannot support the books which are bought from other sites except Google Play. Even Amazon Kindle, Nook and other fashionable sites including FictionWise, Lulu, etc. are not accessible.

We are here to share with a great way to read books from other sites on Nexus 7. And the introduction is written out as followings.

Step1: If your ebooks are not DRM-Free

In case we want to enjoy books on Nexus 7, the essential problem for us is to put drm aside. Generally speaking, books you got from other book sites are drm attached to some degree. This is a situation that cannot avoid. The function of drm is to prevent us to read them on other devices.
So I need to remind that the first thing we need to so is to strip or bypass the drm limitation, and then skip to the second step.

For example, you love amazon books and you have a lot of amazon books. Then they must contain kindle drm , which makes it readable only on kindle, kindle fire or other kindle series products for you; or if you found books from barneandnoble book sites, then they are only available on Nook, Nook Color and its same brand devices. Maybe this is a really puzzled matter, you will always have this kind of doubt: why I have paid for these books and got the proprietary of it but cannot enjoy them on the devices I like?

So we strongly recommend you Epubsoft Ebook Converter to unveil the puzzle that drm produced. This tool carries drm removal function automatically, and meanwhile it can help to convert ebooks formats. Only if you resolve drm limitation and the conversion issues, can you read books from other book sites like Amazon Kindle, Nook, Sony Store easily on Nexus 7 (Kindle AZW, PRC, Mobi, Topaz eBooks and Nook/Kobo/Sony Reader ePub eBooks).

Click here to download this tool for free.
You will see the process is quite simple, only a few clicks on your mouse button.

Step 2: Bypass the google internal ebook Reader

When we find it is tough to put ebooks into Nexus 7 to read, that is because google built-in reader does not allow us doing it. We can only read books  bought from  Google Play, also any copied books from local computer is not allowed. Although the Nexus 7 supports PDF file format, but the effect looks very bad while reading PDF file  in the 7 - inch screen.

If we will spend $200 to buy the Nexus 7 and we can only read books from Google Play, this will greatly reduce our reading fun, because we need more books!

In order to bypass the Google built-in reader, we need to prepare two tools.

  1. ASTRO File Manager
  2. E-book reading software (like Aldiko)

Next what we are going to do?

1. Transfer the DRM-Free ebooks (the unDRM protected ebook) to the Nexus 7 through USB, or other means, (click here to learn how to remove the ebook in DRM).

2. Open ASTRO File Manager, position to your transferred ebook. Then click on the file on the screen.
In the new popup File Options, select the "Open As" menu, and then direct to the e-book reading software you have installed. As shown in the right picture.
After you start booting the  e-book reading software you can always read the ebook at any time.


How to transfer eBooks to Nexus 7?

Method 1: Using a USB to connect Nexus 7 to a computer. And you will see a new hard drive in the "My Computer" as same as other digital equipment, through the copy - paste way, paste files into new hard disk.

Method 2: use the Dropbox to transmit ebook. Install Dropbox, you can realize the files’ synchronization from Computer to Nexus 7 through Dropbox.

Methods 3: Use Calibre. When you have installed Calibre, first add ebooks to the Calibre, and then click on "Contect/Share" button on the main window, "Start Content Server". And finally open the browser program in the Nexus. Jump to URL IP: 8080 web pages. If your operation is correct, you will see the content as follows.

Which eBook format does Nexus 7 support?

Nexus 7 built-in e-book reading software only supports EPUB and the PDF formats ebooks from Google Play. Therefore, if you want to read more ebook formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, Kindle AZW. You will need to use third-party reading software.

Other resources you may need

  1. Ebook Converter for Windows
  2. Ebook Convertr for Mac
  3. ASTRO File Manager / Browser
  4. Android Aldiko Book Reader
  5. Android Dropbox

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