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How to Read EPUB on Kindle Fire with ease

EPUB ebook is one of the most popular ebook types now. Many large retailers provide online ebook reading and download service, such as Google Books, EBooks.com, Sony EBook Store and some other online websites.

Except Kindle, many mainstream readers support EPUB format. Because EPUB ebooks can't be read on Kindle equipment, when you want to read your EPUB on Kindle, you need to convert EPUB files to MOBI or AZW format which is supported by Kindle.

Read EPUB on Kindle device.

Because EPUB ebooks are not supported to be read on Kindle equipment directly, there is no other way to realize it but to convert EPUB to MOBI or AZW format.

A free ebook conversion tool is applied in this article. Click here to download Calibre.

After having downloaded and installed Calibre, you need to follow these steps: firstly, connect Kindle device with your computer via USB or WiFi, and make sure you can visit the folders in the Kindle device from this computer. After all these are ready, you can start to run Calibre.

Secondly, first, find "Add button" on the top left corner and click it;

Then add the EPUB ebooks you want to convert and click the right mouse "Send to Device", then transmit them to Kindle device.

When the ebooks are ready to transmit to Kindle, this software will prompt if you want to convert EPUB to MOBI format which can be recognized by Kindle, at this moment, click OK to continue.

Now Calibre will convert the ebooks automatically and the conversion process will display on the bottom left corner. Finally, after all the files have been converted, you can turn off the USB or disconnect WiFi, the ebooks still can be found on Kindle device.

Note: If your ebook contains DRM, it might not be read or converted normally. The following tool will help you to unlock it.    DRM Removal for EBooks.

Read EPUB books on more devices.

Except converting EPUB to Kindle books, you can also convert EPUB format to other popular formats, such as PDF, TXT, which would be convenient for you to read your ebooks on more devices.

EPubsoft Converter helps you to convert EPUB to Kindle Books easily. Except converting them to Kindle Books, EPUB ebooks also can be converted to other common ebook formats, eg: PDF, TXT. If your ebook is PDF or MOBI, you can convert it to EPUB or Kindle Book. The whole conversion process is very easy.

EPubsoft Converter also supports batch handling conversion, which can convert many ebooks simultaneously to save your time.

1. Download and install Epubsoft Converter.

Epubsoft Converter for Windows  Epubsoft Converter for Mac

2. Click "Add button" to select your EPUB books.

3. Choose the output format as "AZW" on the left output option.

4. Click start button to convert. If there are many ebooks need to be converted, you need to wait for several minutes.

5. Click "Open" button to find the new ebook files when the files have been converted.

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