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How to read iBooks on Mac / PC

I just bought a MacBook air and I want to read iBooks from my iPhone on it. I can see the books in my iTunes, but I can't work out how to read them.

Unfortunately, there isn't an iBooks reader application for Mac OS X that can open DRM protected books from the iBookstore. The ebooks can be read only on iPad, iPhone, iPod with iBooks app. But do not worry about this, we will tell you two methods to solve it.

When your ebooks are not protected by DRM

1. First, connect your iPad or iPhone with your computer, then open iTunes on your computer, if you use the same ID in your Apple devices, you will see books from other devices in your iTune.

2. Select one book that you want to read in iTune, click the right mouse, and choose “Copy” option to copy the ebooks.

3. Open Mac Finder / Windows Explorer to select a directory which you want to save the ebook. Then click the right mouse, choose “paste” menu, and the book will be copied.

4. For reading the copied iBooks on Mac, you need some reading software, we recommend you to use the following ones:

Adobe Digital Editions, or Nook for PC/Mac can be the best choice for reading.

Adobe Digital Editions is ebook reader software from Adobe Systems built using Adobe Flash. It is used for acquiring, managing and reading eBooks, digital newspapers, and other digital publications.

Note: the method above is only for reading ebooks without drm limitation, if you have bought a drm restricted iBooks, please refer to the second method.

When your ebooks protected by DRM

This free software can help you remove the ebook DRM from iBooks with ePUB format.

Click here to download it.

1. The first step is the same as method one. Connect your iPad or iPhone with your your computer via iTunes.

2. Copy books from iPad, iPhone to your local computer.

3. Run iBooks DRM Removal to remove DRM from iBooks with ePUB format. When you start the software, it will auto scan the ebooks in your computer.

4. After the removal operation has ended, you can read the iBooks (ePUB) on Mac/Windows or other supported devices.

If you are using Sony e-Reader, Kobo Reader, you can also use the Epubsoft Adobe DRM Removal for Mac to remove the ebooks that protected by DRM.

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