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How to read Kindle books on iPad or iPhone

I was keen on reading ebooks. Reading brings me abundant knowledge in my spare time. I enjoy the life to read ebooks with tasting dessert in my tea time. I have taken possession of a couple of e-readers, e.g. Kindle, Sony Reader, Kobo. Frankly speaking, I prefer my iPad than kindle all the time. With its feasible navigation, speech recognition, thin screen size and high screen sharpness, it will surely be the best loved e-reader by us.

But as we all know that kindle books have a great influence on readers! Amazon Kindle gives us a comprehensive view over books with extensive range. This is one of the reasons why Amazon kindle has sold well out of the gate! So I have got accustomed to seeking for books on Amazon then transfer them to iPad for reading. As for an ebook fan, I feel like sharing this convenient way to all of you. Hope all of the readers get the simplest way to read Kindle books from Amazon Kindle on iPad or iPhone.

How to read Kindle books on iPad or iPhone?

Azw and prc are two commonly used formats of ebooks downloaded from Amazon. iPad and iPhone use a special reader application which cannot support azw at all. So if we intend to read Kindle books on iPad, the basic task is to convert azw to epub which can be recognized by iBooks.

Unfortunately, Amazon books are protected by the digital rights management (short for drm) other than the free ones. Thus common converting software has no effect on this. I have tried a lot of conversion tools, they seem to make no sense. Finally I came across a super converter-- Epubsoft Ebook Converter which can strip the ebook drm automatically. That is to say even the books you bought have drm protection, it can also be converted to epub format. The whole process is auto, the total thing we need to do is adding books into the software and clicking “Convert” button. After a few minutes, we can find the already converted books. Then we can send the ebooks to iPad. Although it is pretty easy to use, I listed the steps for you to refer to:

1. Download Epubsoft Ebook Converter.

2. Install and run the Epubsoft ebook converter.

3. Click Add button to add the ebooks which you want to convert.

4. Just wait for a moment and when you see the prompt that the conversion is successful, click “Open” button to view the new format ebooks.

5. Last, sync the converted books to iPad, then you can read them any time you like.

Epubsoft Ebook Converter also supports converting books from Barnes & Noble, Adobe Digital Editions and other book sites. The current main formats are accepted. You are able to enjoy ebooks from other publication providers on iPad and iPhone all the same.

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