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How to read Kindle books on Nook

Kindle/Kindle Fire and other Kindle electronic readers are very good ebook devices. We can put them in pocket, or backpack, then whenever we are or what time it is, we can read books casually.

I bought a new reader called Nook. Nook is also an excellent reader. It is based Android system. So we can use it to read books as well as listening to music, browsing the webs and watching movies. But now I have caught a problem: can you read kindle books on a nook ? It is not available for us to read Kindle books on Nook directly. This is really a pitiful thing! Kindle book files are AZW,MOBI,PRC formats, these book formats are not able to display perfectly on Nook. The reason is that Nook doesn’t support the formats at all. What an interesting thing it will be if we could read Kindle books on Nook reader! Furthermore, if we can do that, it means we do not need to pay a dual price for our loving books any more!

In order to read Kindle books on Nook, we need to convert Kindle ebooks (.azw/.mobi/.prc) to epub that is compatible with Nook. Simultaneously, we also have to remove the protection from Amazon Kindle.

Thus we are in need of a fast method to solve this problem. Users might take advantage of a tool. We adopt Ebook to EPUB PDF AZW Converter hereby. As you can see from the software’s title, this software supports common ebook formats converting like Kindle Azw/Mobi to EPUB, EPUB to PDF. And now we need to carry on one of its functions---converting Kindle To EPUB.

(download for Windows) (download for Mac)

How To Read Kindle books on Nook?

Can nook read kindle books? Yes, you can. First of all, find the file’s position of Kindle books. They are usually in the following position:

Windows 2003/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Name>\My Documents\My Kindle Content
Windows Vista/Win7: C:\<Your Name>\hikari\Documents\My Kindle Content
Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content/

Note for Mac user Only: this folder on Mac system are always hidden. Through the command the hidden file will display:

defaults write com.apple.finder Apple Show All Files -bool YES.

1. Open the program, then click on “Add Ebooks” button. In the new pop up dialog, choose the books you prepare to read on Nook. Then click “Add” button to add those books. Kindle books are often in the position of step 1, certainly, you can add books in other places.

2. You can choose multiple additions at one time. When all the files are added, click “Convert” button to start converting.

3. The whole conversion will take only a short time. You will notice that this software could remain the best ebook’s quality after conversion. If the conversion amount is quite large, you may wait for minutes.

4. When the software prompts you the process is done, you can click “open” button, the tool will automatically open the directory in which the new created books are.

5. At this moment, you can copy the converted Kindle books on Nook and read kindle books on nook.

Of course, Ebook to epub pdf azw converter also supports other formats converting. You are also capable to convert Nook epub books to Kindle azw format for reading them on Kindle series! This sounds nice, isn’t it?

About Amazon Kindle Books

amazon kindleAmazon on-line booksellers provide us with extremely numerous books and periods, so I got an ocean of books from Amazon to read them on Kindle. This is really a nice way for reading purpose. I can’t stop praising Amazon again to offer us such a convenient way to read books.

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