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How to read NOOK books on Kindle fire with ease

If you have many books purchased on Nook and a Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD. Now, you can read Nook books on Kindle simultaneously.

This article introduces two ways to help you to read Nook books easily on Kindle.

Read nook books on kindle with Nook for Android

1. Nook provides dedicated software to support the current Android smartphone. If your Kindle equipment is based on Android, you can read the books quite conveniently. If your Kindle equipment is not based on Android, you can click here to get the second way.

First, unlock the security options and allow Kindle to install third-party application. The step is as follows: open the set menu of Kindle equipment, click "More…" – "Device" – "Allow installation of applications", then save the setting.

2. Download Nook for Android Application. You can down it from NOOK website or other website (Google Play). After downloading, it can be installed. If the file you download is APK and you find it can't be installed directly, just search "APK Installer" on Google and then you can install the application with an extra installation tool.

After installing Nook for android, you can read various books on Kindle the same as reading on Nook.

Read Nook books on Kindle with Epubsoft Converter

If the equipment you have doesn't support Android operation system, you may try to convert Nook books to MOBI format which is supported by Kindle device. After doing this, you can read these books easily.

1. Download and install EPubsoft Converter

Epubsoft Converter for Windows  Epubsoft Converter for Mac

2. Download and install Nook for PC, then use Nook for PC to download Nook books to your computer.

3. Start Epubsoft Converter, and then click add button to select your nook books which need to be converted.

4. Set the output file format as MOBI on the left panel of output file format.

5. Click start button to convert files.

6. After the files have been converted successfully, you may find these new ebooks by clicking "Open" button. Now you can also copy the nook books to Kindle to read by USB or WIFI.


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