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How to read sony reader books on iPad/iPhone/iBooks

If you bought a new Apple iPad and you also have a Sony Reader, then you might consider transferring the ebooks from Sony reader to iPad or iPhone to read.

You do not need to pay for the book twice if you do this. But when you are trying to read books on Sony to iPad or iPhone, the readers will just display an error.

Generally speaking,  an ebook without drm can be easily read on iPad. iPad doesn’t support Sony DRM books, here is a way to help you read your Sony DRM books on iPad/iPhone/iBooks.

1. First of all, you can download Adobe Digital Editions clicking this link if you have not installed it. Then you need to authorize Adobe digital Editions with your Adobe ID.

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions, you will see all the ebooks you bought immediately.

3. Before you transfer your books to other devices, please double click the books to open them and check if they are able to be read normally. Neither your books can be transferred nor converted if they are not available to be read on the current computer.

4. Click here to download Epubsoft EPUB DRM Removal, Epubsoft epub drm removal can help you quickly remove the Sony book’s drm protections just one click. It supports batch mode, you can add all of your epub books at one time, then convert them with 1 click. It’s the best tool to help you read your Sony books on different devices.

5. Run Epubsoft EPUB DRM removal, it’s very easy to use. Just select the epub files from your computer, and then click “Start” button, this software will create a new Sony books that without drm protection.

epub drm removal

6. Click “Open” button to view your new Sony books.  Now only using simple copy and paste operation you can read the books from Sony on iPad/iPhone. Enjoy it!

Sony Books and Sony Store

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The beauty of eReading is convenience. Carry around as many new books as you want. Take hundreds or even thousands of books with you – on the train, to work, to a cafe, or on vacation!

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