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How to remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is an EBOOK DRM system with an extensive range of application. It provides DRM for various ebooks. But for its complicated verification system, it is usually unable for us to open the books we bought.

Adobe Digital Editions provides two verification mode: the first mode is binding directly with the current computer, another one is to use Adobe ID to verify. But no matter you use either of those two modes, once you reinstall Adobe Digital Editions or replace the computer, the downloaded ebooks are not able to be read again. And mostly online sellers do not support repeated downloads. Thus we need to pay another price for the books.

In order to make it convenient for us to replicate or backup the books we bought and read them on other devices we like, we are in need of removing DRM protections from Adobe Digital Editions. After we strip this limitation we can backup them easily. Even we reinstall the operation system or applications we don't have to re-download or repay for the books.

Why we need to remove drm from adobe epub/pdf ?

If your adobe digital editions ebooks contain epub drm, you cannot manage your ebook with calibre, and read your adobe digital editions ebooks on other devices.

Because when you open this ebook, calibre and Adobe reader will display an error message, like below:

If your ebooks can be read on calibre or other devices, that means your ebooks are drm free. Only drm free ebooks can be read on more devices, that’s why we need to strip the drm.

Start to remove adobe digital editions drm

  1. If your have not installed Adobe digital editions, click here to download it.
  2. After you installed it, we recommend you to use your adobe ID to authorize the ADE.
  3. Using Adobe Digital Editions to open your epub/pdf ebook, make sure they can be read normally. 
  4. Only if you can read your epub/pdf files on your computer /mac , then can they be converted. If you cannot read them or some pages missed, you need to re-download them through adobe digital editions.

How to remove drm from adobe digital editions?

  1. Download and install Epubsoft Adobe PDF EPUB DRM removal, it supports both epub and pdf formats. download for Windows  download for Mac
  2. Open this software, and click "Add" button to add your adobe ebook files.
  3. When you finish adding all the ebooks, click “Start” button to start removing ebooks’ DRM protections.
  4. As soon as the software prompts that the work is done, you can click “Open” button to find the new created books.

If the conversion process prompts errors:

  • No need to convert: your adobe ebook is drm free, so you don't need to convert them for reading.
  • You need to redownload the ebook from local computer: If you use different Adobe ID or another adobe digital editions version download the ebook, then they cannot be converted, rename them and use current program to re-download it.
  • If you are using Vista or windows 7, you can use “Run as Administrator” mode to start this software.
  • If you want to convert acsm to pdf, view this article.

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