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How to remove drm from nook Barnes & noble ebooks

Barnes & Noble is one of the world's largest online electronic book retailers now. It provides readers with a variety of books. Unfortunately, you can't read your Nook books on other electronic readers because of NOOK DRM protection.

If you want to read your barnes & noble ebooks on Any e-reader or device, you need to remove the barnes & noble drm at first. Nook drm is a variant type of Adobe Adept DRM protection system, and we will guide you an easy way to help you know how to remove drm from nook barnes & noble ebooks.

Part 1: Remove drm from nook books via Epubsoft Nook DRM Removal
Part 2: Remove drm from nook books via Calibre

Remove drm from nook books via Epubsoft Nook DRM Removal

This method is the quickest and easiest way to help you remove drm from your nook books.

Through Epubsoft Nook DRM Removal, you need only to click the mouse and select your nook books, then all of your nook books will be converted in seconds. It’s also the safest way. It doesn’t need any other plugins or software.

Nook DRM Removal for Windows     Nook DRM Removal for Mac

1. Run Epubsoft NOOK DRM Removal, click “Add” button and select your nook books from which you need to remove the drm.

2. Click “Start” button to start removing nook’s drm.

3. Barnes and Noble's ebooks are bound to the Name and Credit card on B&N account. So you need to input the Name and Credit Card Number to continue converting. We provide 100% safe guarantee! This shareware DOES NOT keep your Credit Card Number.

4. If this window pops up frequently, that means your input content is not correct.

5. Just wait a moment, and click “Open” button, you will find the new nook books.

nook drm removal

After you stripped all the protection from nook, you can read them on any device you want and convert them to other formats.

Remove drm from nook books via Calibre

If you have installed caliber already, then you can remove drm from caliber directly. Using this way, you need to install the following software: Calibre, Python, PyCrypto, and Open SSL.


How to install Nook EPUB Drm removal plugin to calibre?

1. Download and install EPUB DRM Removal Plugin (ignobleepub_v01.6_plugin.zip).

2. Open Calibre, click the “Preferences” button on the top area.

3. Once the Preferences screen is opened, scroll to the bottom and click on Plugins.

4. Click on this little blue icon on the bottom right. This should launch a dialog box where you can navigate to find your plugin. Highlight the plugin you want to add.  Click the “open” button and then the dialog box will close.  In the long space to the left of the blue icon is the file path to your plugin.

5. Once you have your plugin selected and the file path is in the long box, click “add”.  There is no confirmation to tell you that the addition is complete.  You can go up and click on the gray arrows to see if your plugin has been added.

6. Once you have done, hit Apply (upper left corner)

How to remove drm from nook books by calibre?

Once The plugin has been installed, you can easily add a drm ebook to calibre and the plugin will strip the drm automatically. Then you would be able to convert nook books to any other file format.

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