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How to share Kindle ebooks with my friends

As we all know, the Amazon Kindle is almost the best e-reader in the world. The majority of people may use it to enjoy our leisure time.

Furthermore, some people have many wonderful e-books that purchased in Amazon Store or collected in their kindle. But sometimes when we want to share these good books in some other devices (for example: Nook, Kobo) or with friends and family, we will find it really troublesome because of some reasons.

Then how to solve these problems may attract our attention. We hereby recommend you readers 3 solutions, and hope it is helpful to you.

Solution 1. Share Kindle Fire ebooks with friends by lending out.

Kindle books can be loaned to another reader for a period of 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Kindle. Kindle books can also be read using our free Kindle reading applications for PC, Mac, and etc.

1. First, log in your amazon website, check if the ebooks can be lend out. Every publisher has different limitation for published ebooks. If the webpage displays that the ebooks can be lend out, then you will be able to lend out the ebooks you bought to your friends.

2. Go to "Your Account > Manage Your Kindle > Your Kindle Library" and click the "Actions" menu, look for the link marked "Loan this title". If the ebook can be loaned, this link will be displayed.

3. Fill in the contents in the form of the new webpage, such as your friends’ email address.

4. Click “Send Now” to start sending your ebooks to your friends.

5. Now, your friends can receive these books through clicking “Get Your Loaned book now”, and they can read books within 14 days freely.

Solution 2. Remove Kindle DRM by using Epubsoft Kindle DRM Removal.

This is a more useful and easier way to process this type of trouble. More devices can be accepted via this method. You just need one step to finish it and you can copy your ebooks to any device that you want to read.

Download and install Epubsoft Kindle DRM Removal. (Kindle DRM Removal for Windows) (Kindle DRM Removal for Mac) .Just operate the software as the picture instructs. It will strip the Kindle DRM in seconds. Then you can copy your e-books to anywhere with more ease.

Note: Other e-book formats are also supported: azw, azw4, mobi, prc;

Solution 3. Share EBooks by using Your Amazon account.

Every amazon account can be authorized on 6 kindle devices, so you can lend your amazon account to your friends. Thus they can use your account to read the ebooks on their own e-readers.

1. Your friends should deregister their Kindle account information before.

2.  Send the Amazon Kindle ID & Password to your friends.

3. Your friends use the account info which received to register their Kindle devices.

4. The new Ebook items will show up on cloud panel of kindle device, and then they can sync the ebooks to their local device now.

Attention: You need to” Turn off the Whispersync Device Synchronization”. Because if you are sharing Kindle books to different device with a same account, the kindle reader will automatically sync the last page that you read. It will also keep track of any bookmarks, highlights or notes that you set. So you will view them on device inevitably.

How to turn off?

 "amazon.com" --- "My Account" --- "Your Kindle Account" --- "Manage Your Devices"

Click "Turn Off" on the right side, then everything is back to normal!

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