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How to share Nook books with my friends

Nook online Store shows us a very big and abundant ebook sale market. With the nook reader, you can enjoy the pleasure and convenience wherever and in any time.

Assume you liked reading and had bought a ton of books from the online store, I think you must have thought this question: how do I share nook books with my friends? We hereby found two simple ways for users to solve it. Then you can easily share nook books with your friends and families.

Share nook books to another Nook user via lending

Barnes and Noble Nook provides a great feature to make you able to lend your ebooks out one time to another nook user who has a B&N account. Once your friend would like to lend your books, only a computer or a smart phone needed, he can start reading freely.

You will possibly meet the following limitation when you try to share books by the lending method.

  1. During this time, You cannot access your book when you lend it to your friends.
  2. 14 days is the longest time your books can be lent out.
  3. Not all the books are available to be lent out, it is up to the different distributors entirely.

How to lend Books in a Nook?

To begin with, write down the email address information of your friends who need to borrow books. You may keep this in mind: the valid period time is only 14 days.

Part 1: From Website:

1. Log into Barne&Noble website, click "My NOOK Library" link and find out the books which are going to be lent out. You need to check if there is a corresponding “Lend Me” button. (If you failed in finding this, then sorry to tell you that this book do not allow us to share.)

2. Click “Lend Me” button and input the receiving email address correctly at the same time. Also you can add some remarks. Finally, click ”Submit” button to start lending. Note: you cannot withdraw the operation! After you submit, your friends will have 7 days to decide to accept the book or not.

Part 2: From Nook e-Reader:

1. Turn on your nook e-Reader, click the “Library” icon on the main screen.

2. Press the eBook's cover which you want to lend to your friends.

Fill in the receiving email address. Finally, click "Submit" button to complete, please note this operation cannot be revoked.

Share Nook books with more friends or more e-Reader devices

Sometimes you may want to share nook books with longer time or more friends and you want to read nook books on different devices like iPad, Kindle, Sony eReader, Here is the guide for you.

As we all know that B&N Nook books contain drm system which will strongly prevent us converting them to other formats or reading them on other computers and readers. So the key to solve the problem is to remove the drm first.

1.Download and install Epubsoft Nook DRM Removal. It's the best tool for you to remove the nook books' drm.

(download for Windows) (download for Mac)

2. Start the program, and click “Add” button to select your nook books. Over ten files are able to be added one time for the tool supports batch conversion to convert multiple nook books. After you have finished adding books, click “Start Now” to start removing nook book's drm.

3. Just wait a moment, and click “Open” button, you will find your new nook ebooks.

Start to share your nook books

1. Share nook books on kindle device.

Kindle does not support epub format. It supports Kindle AZW format and Adobe PDF format, so you need to convert nook books to azw format in order that you will be able to read it on Kindle. Click here to learn how to convert nook books to kindle.

2. Share nook books to iPhone or iPad.

All of apple's devices are based on the Apple IOS system. IOS provides a build-in application to help you to read your EPUB format's ebook called iBooks. Apple iBooks supports EPUB and PDF format, if you have removed the nook drm, you can easily put them into the iPhone or iPad for reading.

3. Share nook books to other devices.

You can directly transfer your nook books to other devices, like the Sony Reader, Kobo. Using USB, Email and other android applications are the included methods.

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