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IneptPDF.pyw Download - Remove PDF DRM

IneptPDF.pyw is a python language script to help you remove PDF DRM from Adobe PDF books. It supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Because it comes with a GUI interface that you can set intuitively and there is no need to run from command, it is very convenient for you to use this tool.

Note: IneptPDF.pyw is designed based on the old system and old version, therefore it might not be suitable for new Adobe version. If you want to convert files successfully on new Adobe version, you can try this version.

DRM Removal For Windows  DRM Removal For Mac

How to use IneptPDF.pyw for removing PDF DRM?

1. First, click here to download the file. It is a text file. After opening the webpage, you need to save the displaying content as a text file, then rename it to IneptPDF.pyw.

2. Download and install Python. Python is a Program run-time. It supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. When you download Python, you will find that it provides multiple versions (2.6, 2.7, 3.1). Currently, this script file can only run in Python 2.6. If you have installed a new version or an old version, it might not run normally.

3. Download and install pyCrypto. This is the second necessary component. After you have installed Python successfully, you need to install this file to make sure all the functions of the software will be loaded normally.

4. If you don't have IneptKey, click here to download (the saving way need to keep the same with step 1). If you have found this file, put IneptKey and IneptPDF.pyw in the same folder.

5. Run the script file now. First, double click IneptKey.pyw, a new dialog box will appear on the screen. If this dialog box prompts contents shown in below image, it means the script file runs normally, then we can go to next step.

6. Run IneptPDF.pyw. When there is a new dialog box appeared on the screen, it will prompt you to input the related information of PDF. If you haven't seen the below dialog box, it might caused by the wrong operation in previous step. To solve this problem, you can return to the first step and start again.

7. In the new dialog box, the first line is to input the textbox of Adobe information. It is default and no need to revise anything.

8. Click the button on the right to select the storage location of the PDF file that you want to convert in the second line. IneptPDF doesn't support batch handling, therefore, if you have several PDF files that need to be converted, you need to repeat steps 8-10 to convert all your files.

9. Input the storage location of the converted PDF files in the third line, click the button on the right to select a new folder to save the revised PDF files.

10. Click "Decrypt whole directory" button after you have filled all the necessary contents. The software will start to work automatically. Now you only need to wait for a short time. When it prompts that the file is converted successfully, you can find the converted file in the new folder (the converted file is saved in the location which is set in step 9)

11. If you find some books can't be converted, it might be damaged during transmission. You can solve this problem by downloading the ebook again via Adobe Digital Editions. If you have got the new PDF file, you can copy it to other e-reader or computer to read.

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