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Kobo DRM Removal, Remove Kobo DRM from Kobo ePUB PDF files

If you have many different e-readers (eg:iPhone, Sony e-Reader,Kobo, Kindle), maybe you want to put the ebooks (which are purchased from Kobo Store) on other e-reader to read, or share these ebooks with your friend. However, the format of Kobo is incompatible with other e-reader, therefore, the ebooks you bought from Kobo can't be read on other e-reader. Below content will tell you how to solve this problem quickly.

DRM Removal For Windows  DRM Removal For Mac

Generally, the ebooks that is downloaded from Kobo can only be read on the e-reader which supports Adobe Digital Editions. Although Kobo provides EPUB/PDF format, it is not totally the same with ordinary EPUB file.

Adobe Digital Editions usually can be read on below e-readers (this list might be not comprehensive).

  • Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro
  • Asktak (EZ Reader, EZ Reader Pocket Pro, Mentor)
  • Barnes & Noble Nook
  • IREX Digital Reader 1000S
  • Kobo eReader
  • Kobo Vox
  • Kobo Wireless eReader
  • Sony PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition
  • Sony PRS-505 Reader Digital Book
  • Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition
  • Sony PRS-700BC Reader Digital Book

If you want to read your kobo books on the e-reader which is not included in above list, or expect to convert EPUB to other format (such as EPUB to PDF, EPUB to Kindle), Kobo DRM Removal will help you much on solving this problem.

How to remove drm from Kobo EPUB/PDF Books?

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. This is an essential step. (download here)  After you have installed Adobe Digital Editions, double click the corresponding icon to start it.

2. If this is the first time you run Adobe Digital Editions on current computer, it will pop-up a dialog box automatically and prompt you to input your Adobe ID. You need to input your Adobe ID in this dialog box and click OK button. Then Adobe Digital Editions will connect to the Internet and activate your computer automatically.

3. When Adobe Digital Editions is running, you will find all your ebooks in the main  interface. By double clicking the corresponding ebook, Adobe Digital Editions will open this ebook by itself. If you can read this ebook normally, it shows that this ebook can be converted successfully; if not, it might be damaged. You can download this ebook again to solve the problem.

4. Download and install Kobo DRM Removal. After you have finished installation, double click Kobo DRM Removal to enter the main interface. Click "Scan" button in the main interface, Kobo DRM Removal will find all your Kobo books on the computer automatically. If you can't find your ebook, you need to download this ebook again from Adobe Digital Editions, or click "Add" button to add kobo book from other location into this software's list.

kobo drm removal

5. Click "Start" button to convert. After the file is converted successfully, you can transfer it to other e-reader easily by "Copy and Paste" command.

How to convert Kobo books to kindle or PDF?

If you want to read Kobo Books on the e-reader which doesn't support EPUB, you can try to convert it to other ebook format. EPubsoft ToolBox is a software which supports conversion and helps you to solve the file conversion problem. After you convert kobo books to pdf books, it will have the same displaying effect and quality with the original one without any loss in quality.

Can I use "Borrow/Lend" to share Kobo Books ?

Unfortunately, Kobo doesn't have this function and there is no plan to roll out this function, therefore, if you want to share your ebooks with your friends, you need to convert the ebook via this tool. In addition, original Kobo books can't be converted to Kindle or PDF format directly.

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