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How to Read iBooks on Kindle, iBooks DRM Removal

iBookStore is one of the most popular online ebook markets. It is convenient to read the ebooks ordered from iBookStore on iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices. If you have an iPad as well as a Kindle, now you can read your iBooks ebook on Kindle.

Generally, the ebooks purchased from iBookStore need to be downloaded and read via iTunes, but through the following simple method, you can read iBooks ebooks on Kindle device (or other dervices) easily.

Step 1. Convert iBooks to Normal Ebook

Although the format of iBooks is the same with EPUB format, there are still some differences compared with standard EPUB. If you want to convert the ibooks, the first step is to convert ibooks to Normal EPUB.

At this moment, you need to find your physical ibooks file first.

Windows:  "Driver:\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Books"

Mac:  "/Users/username/Music/iTunes/"

When you download the file via iTunes, it will be saved in the below catalog, then find this folder and use the below tool to convert it.

Click here to download this tool

After the file is converted successfully, you can move to next step.

Step 2. Convert EPUB to MOBI format

Because Kindle doesn't support original EPUB format, you need to convert the ebooks format in this step.

Firstly, download and install EBook Converter. This tool supports the conversion of all kinds of common ebooks. It is convenient to convert PDF to Kindle, EPUB to MOBI, Kindle to PDF, MOBI to EPUB, EPUB to PDF, etc.

Epubsoft Converter for Windows  Epubsoft Converter for Mac

2. Secondly, click “Add” button to add the ebooks you want to convert after finishing installation.

3. You can add several ebooks at the same time which would be convenient to convert simultaneously. After all the files have been added to the list, you need to set the output option as MOBI format on the left panel.

4. Click “Start” button to convert. After the conversion is finished, click “Open” button and you will find your new MOBI ebook.

Step 3. Transfer EPUB books to Kindle

After converted successfully, the files can be read on Kindle. If you want to transfer the EPUB books, it will be very easy to operate, and you can transfer the ebooks via USB or WiFi.

Except the common ways to transfer Kindle Books, the simple tool provided by Amazon also can realize the transfer.

Click here to download “Send To Kindle”   and run it after installation, then input the contents you want to transfer in the software, the last thing is click “Send” button to send the ebooks.

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