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Sharing kindle books made easy

I like reading e-books, reading "harry potter"  is the first time I start to contact with ebooks. This book deeply impressed me and left a clear memory in my mind with the story it tells. From then on, ebook reading takes more and more spare time of mine. But I have also got a lot of happiness from reading them. Amazon is one of the biggest ebook providers in the global, when I download books from Amazon I can read them on Kindle. This is a relatively convenient way to enjoy books. You know, you do not need to carry all the heavy books around you when you are out. Only take a portable Kindle into your pocket, then you can read books anywhere you want. But things do with the negative aspects, it seems no way for me to lend books out or share them with my family members. If this is a paper book, I can do that kind of things easily. It makes me feel that in the Kindle world, there is no door for me to share books with others.

I have found the key that why my Kindle books cannot be shared. The point is that Kindle books has carried with drm restriction which prevents me to do that. That is to say if I want to share the books with my older sister, then I need to buy another one  and pay extra money? Furthermore, it is unbearable that kindle books cannot even be read on my iPad, let alone other devices! God, what is it! If I buy more and more books from Amazon, it must make me feel crazy about this!

I am a lucky one to find a suitable way to deal with this problem. You know that is amazing we only need a tool to get the drm restriction decrypted. Thus we can use the books from Amazon freely and share them with anybody we like. The most important thing is that your original files will have no quality loss when you use the tool! Yes,It’s really a good tool.

Why sharing kindle books made easy?

1. First of all. Download and install Epubsoft Kindle DRM Removal. The reason why  we choose this is that it owns better efficiency than other ones.

2. Click on the "Add" button, a dialog box will pop up, the dialog box shows all Kindle ebooks on the current computer. Choose the electronic books you want to share with,  then click the “OK” button, ebooks will be added to the list successfully.

3. When all your ebooks have been added, click on “Start” button, it will decrypt all kindle drm automatically.

After Waiting for quite a moment,  you will see the prompt that your drm have removed successfully. The last step you need to do is to click “Open” button. You can view that new books have been created. These books are not drm protected, so now you can read books on other devices as well as share them with your family and friends.

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